Introduction: Fashion Rhombus Bracelet for Office Lady

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Today’s tutorial is to make a rhombus bracelet for office lady, hope you like this black and gold bead bracelet.

Step 1: Supplies:

8mm round black beads

4mm round black beads

Golden bugle beads

Crimp beads

Lobster clasp


Tiger tail

Wire cutting plier

Flat plier

Step 2: Make Basic Black and Gold Bead Bracelet

Prepare two 60 cm tiger tail, fold them in half, make a loop with a crimp bead, thread one bugle bead, one 4mm black bead and one bugle bead to upper wire, thread a 8mm black bead to middle two wires, thread one bugle bead, one 4mm black bead and one bugle bead to below wire, then thread the four wires to a 4mm black bead to make a rhombus, that is the basic beading pattern, continue this pattern until reach ideal length.

Step 3: Finish Making Rhombus Bracelets

Here I use eleven 8mm black beads, then fix the beaded rhombus bracelet with a crimp bead; at last connect it with jumprings and lobster clasp.

Step 4: Final Look of the Fashion Rhombus Bracelets for You: