Introduction: Fast Knife Sheath

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So I have this filet knife that's just been laying around my knife drawer. It's not a expensive knife but it's really not a bad little knife that could be useful to me just one problem it doesn't have a sheath. So today we are going to go step by step on how to make a plain, fast and useful leather sheath out of scraps. My goal is not to make a beautiful leather sheath but a plain useful leather sheath you can throw in your gear bag or wear on your side in rain or shine and not worry about the leather just use it and enjoy it!


Leather (in my case scrap)
Synthetic black sinew

Razor knife
Xacto knife
Sewing awl
Glue stick
(A strait edge like a square or ruler is nice)
Chisel pliers (for punching holes but you can use anything)

Step 1: Making the Welt

The knife sheath we are going to make in this instructional is going to be a pancake style sheath because we are going to stack three layers of leather together to make this sheath. The first thing I like to do when making these stacked leather sheaths is to make the welt (that's the leather that goes around the knife blade and keeps it from cutting the stitching) on a stacked leather sheath the welt goes all the way around the blade so I take the knife and draw all the way around the blade and then cut out the outline

Step 2: Gluing the Welt on

After cutting the shape of the blade out of the welt go ahead and cut two pieces of leather for the sides of your sheath next I use a regular stick of glue to glue the welt to one of the pieces of leather we cut for the sides.

Step 3: Making the Belt Loop

Next is to make a belt loop now you can skip this part but it is not hard and makes the sheath a lot more useful. So take a strip of the leather as long as you want and cut it as straight as possible fold it over then I used a awl to punch a double row of holes then sew it together. I also punched another double row in the loop to sew it onto the sheath

Step 4: Shaping the Sheath

After the glue is dry (which doesn't take long) I take a razor knife and start shaping the sheath till it looks right.

Step 5: Gluing on the Top

Then I glued the other side on and cut off the the over hang.

Step 6: Punch and Sew It Together

Then I punch the holes around the sheath and sewed it together with black synthetic sinew

Step 7: Done!

And that's it! This is definitely not the most beautiful sheath I have made. But it is a very useful sheath and makes this knife a useful piece of equipment. Now I just need to go fishing! Well I hope you enjoyed this instructable and I hope this helps you to make a sheath for that knife in your knife drawer.
If you would like to watch the video of me making this here is the link-