Introduction: Faux Enamel Pendents

I love the look of enamel pendents and jewelry but I don't have the space or supplies to create these awesome pieces. This instructable shows you how to create your own faux enamel pendents.

Step 1: BoM

Metal blanks

Metal snips

Metal Puncher

Jewelry findings

Emory board/buffer/sandpaper

Jewelry/metal glue

Pin backs Ranger Enamel Accents (in Gumball, Wild Orchid)

Toothpicks, thin pins (for detailing)

Step 2: Design & Prep

Decide which precut piece you are going to use or draw your own on metal blanks. Cut out your designs and then sand and buff your metal piece so it won't cut or stab you. Use your metal hole punch to add very small holes to your pendants. One hole for attaching jump rings and other holes as needed for decorations.

I like to tape my pieces down before I add enamel/paint.

Step 3: Color & Dry

Ranger Ink Enamel Accents give you the look of enamel with ease. Colors can be mixed, layered, and painted over (with drying time in-between layers). I mixed black and white (use white sparingly, it spreads fast) to make a greyish edge for my pieces to give it that more authentic fired enamel look.

Let your pieces dry according to manufacturer instructions, about 24 hours.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Now that your pendant is dry, you can add a jump ring to the little hole you punched in your hat. This jump ring will attach to whatever cord you decide to use for your pendant.

I threaded a needle with sari silk waste and embroidery thread to create stitches in the extra holes I added. I tied the ends and added some glue for extra security.

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