Introduction: Faux Fur Vest

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Beginners can easily recreate this cute trendy fur vest.

Just $10 to make!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Check out the FULL tutorial above.. or follow the step by step.

Step 2: Create Your Pattern

Grab a long loose fitting cardigan from your closet.

Back panel:

Lay it down flat on the wrong side of the fabric with the sleeves folded in.

Trace around the outside with calk. Add an inch or so for seam allowance.

Front panel:

Fold the cardigan in half (with sleeves still folding in)

Trace around the outside with chalk. Add an inch or so for seam allowance.

**You only need one of these for now**

Step 3: Cut and Make Second Front Panel

Cut out the two pieces you just traced.

Take your front panel and flip it onto your fabric (wrong sides facing each other) Fur side up **see photo**

This will create a mirrored image of your front panel.

Trace and cut out the second front panel.

You should have the above 3 pieces when finished.

Step 4: Pin and Sew Sides

Pin each front panel to either side of the back panel.

Stitch along each side until you reach the arm hole space. (About 3/4 of the way up)

You should be stitching along the inside of the vest.

Step 5: Shoulders

Flip the vest right side out. Fold both front panels inward (As if you were wearing the vest)

Line up the back and front panels evening.

On a slight diagonal upwards cut from the arm opening towards the centre top of the vest. (About 6 inches in).

**See photo**

Repeat on opposite side.

Flip vest inside out.

Stitch along the cut you just made on each side.

Step 6: V-Neckline

To create the V-neckline simply cut on an angle from the shoulder stitching to the opening of the vest.

Make the cut as long or short as you desire.

Keep that piece to mirror the same cut on the other front panel of the vest.

Step 7: Optional

This is an optional step.

I think it finished off the arm openings nicely.

Flip the vest inside out.

Roll the fabric inward.

Stitch in place around the entire are opening.