Introduction: Faux Stained Glass

Make fake stained glass with hot glue, plexiglass, and paint! Cheap, easy, and pretty.

Supply list:
Hot Glue Gun
Black Hot Glue
Glass Paints
Thick Marker
Plexiglass (you can use glass, but it is heavy!)

Step 1: Black Hot Glue

I found it online and have only used this brand so far. It is more expensive than regular hot glue. A 5 lb box costs about 50 dollars. Looks like it's main purpose is to attach weaves at beauty salons.

Step 2: Make Your Design

Draw your design on a sheet of paper with a fat marker. You want to use a fat marker because if you can't make the detail with a fat marker then you won't be able to make it with a thick stream of hot glue either.

Once the design is complete roll some tape and put it on the front of your design.

Step 3: Tape Design and Begin Drawing With Hot Glue

Tape your design to the back of your plexi glass. Begin to draw on the front of the glass with your black hot glue. The hot glue really likes sticking to the plexi glass so get comfy drawing with the hot glue on a test piece of paper first. You can scrape the hot glue off of the plexi glass, but it is a bit of work.

Step 4: Remove Design

Done tracing the design! I've removed the paper from the back. I also used a piece of glass for the eye. Using glass stones can get some really cool looks. I glued the glass on with clear hot glue then drew around it with black. That way it wouldn't shift around while I worked.

Step 5: Add Color

Bust out the paints and begin coloring!

Step 6: Let Paint Dry

Voila, stained glass Charr head!

This picture has only a single layer of glass paint. It looks okay, but for better colors and less paint brush streaks do several layers of paint.