Introduction: Slim Paper Wallet

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In this instructables you will learn how to make a paper wallet. It is very easy to make and holds cards and bills. If you enjoy this instructables, please vote for it in the paper contest. Thank you.

Step 1: Starting the Wallet

The first thing you need to do is get a piece of paper and fold it hamburger style. Do this twice so that it looks like the third image.

Step 2: Making Slots

The next thing we need to do is make the slots for cards and cash to go in. Make sure the creased edge is on the bottom side of the folded paper as shown in the first image. Now fold the top flap down so that the edge meets the bottom of the paper. Next you need to fold the second flap down so that it meats the crease of the first fold.

Step 3: Tape Time

Now we need to seal the pockets. Put scotch tape on the bottom edge of the paper. Make sure half of it is overhanging. Now fold it over the other side. Repeat this on the left and right sides as shown, clipping off any excess.

Step 4: The Final Fold

The last thing we need to do is fold the wallet sandwhich style. This completes the wallet.

Step 5: Your Done

You have finished your wallet. Now you can customize it however you want and stash your cash. If you enjoyed this project, please vote for it in the paper contest. Thank you.

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