Introduction: Fawn Deer Headband DIY

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Here I will show how to make cute fawn deer headband. I made this for my daughter’s school Halloween party. I used felt and chenille stems for this headband. I bought 20 pc of metal headband from Amazon cost around $7.99.I did the makeup too.But I am not good at makeup that's why I did not upload the makeup video. Let's get started.



2)Chenille Stems

3)Metal headband

4)Hot glue

Step 1: Download Pattern

First, download the felt pattern, if you like. Because it has drawn by hand so it’s not so perfect. And then cut the felt using that pattern.

Step 2: Making Ear and Horn:

First, take both ears and stick it to the headband, and then stick the small ears felt cut. For, making horn use 2 chenille stems attach with the headband and twist it as shown in the video to make it look like a deer horn.I used little glue so it can stick properly

Step 3: Flower Making:

In that pattern, you can find 4 different type of flowers pattern, and you can see I mention 01,02,03and 04 flowers pattern, cut your Felt like shown in the pattern. Flower 01 is easy, take 2 pieces and stick together and take another 1/2inch by 3.5inch strap and roll it and stick to the flower’s middle. Flower 01 and flower 02 is the same process. Flower 03, start rolling from the end of the circle, roll it till the end and stick back with glue. Flower 04 is same as 03.

Step 4: Finishing:

Now we need to stick all the flowers and leaves to the headband with glue and all the flowers backside need to secure with glue and small cut pieces of Felt. So it won’t fell off from the headband. Now you are done.

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