Introduction: Feather Shaped Bone Earrings

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I wanted to make a pair of feather shaped earrings to my wife as a Christmas presents. She have many real feather ones so I decided to make one out of bone since I really like to work with this wonderful material.

Step 1: The Bone and Supplies

I prepared the bone myself. It was a delicious soup previously, not to mention the bone marrow with toast, but this is a side story.

So the bone must be carefully degreased, I boiled it and after that soaked in lighter fluid. Here is a great article about it to degreas bone to instrument grade.

To make it as a jewell You need some supplies from Your local hobby-creative store:

  • regular link chain
  • small or medium jump rings
  • two ear wires
  • whatewer You like, use Your imagination

Step 2: Tools

You will need:

  • eye protecting glasses
  • dust filter mask
  • various sandpapers
  • drill bit 1 or 2mm diameter
  • needle files
  • nail polishing sticks
  • small saw
  • fretsaw
  • rotary tool
  • sanding drums
  • various size of grinding stones
  • small engraving bits
  • needle nose pliers
  • wire cutter
  • tweezers
  • carbon copy sheet

Step 3: Process

At first You need an idea. You can find great one here on Instructables, but this specific one I found on Pinterest. Really great source to find ideas to craft and take inspirations. The bone feather on Pinterest.

I printed it and transfered the outline to the raw bone piece with carbon copy sheet.

Cut out it with fretsaw or with the rotary tool. Be careful and use eye protective glasses and a filter mask since it's a dusty process. Make it outside or with good dust collecting.

When You have the raw shape start to carve it. Make the sides thin enough and leave the center line as a quill stalk. Start rounding it with small sanding stone, fine it with needle files and a bit of sandpaper.

Step 4: Final Steps

Thin it and round it, then start to carve the thin lines as feather stems with the tiniest engraving bit. Drill small hole to hang on ear wire, start polish it a bit with nail polishing sticks. (I found those really useful.)

Put together it with the supplies, I made it simple but You can use Your imagination.

Step 5: Present It

I presented it in a small wooden box on foam lining. I think it's certainly a unique gift.

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