Introduction: Felt Spider Hair Clip

Here's another Halloween hair clip! Hey, I bought a 30 pack of snap clips at Wal-Mart - I gotta use 'em all, right?! Alrighty then! Okay, so here we go with another tute!

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Step 1: Materials:

8 - 2" korker ribbons (using 3/8" grosgrain ribbon)
1 - 4" (3/8") grosgrain ribbon
1 - 1/2" (1/4") grosgrain ribbon
1 piece of 3/4" x 4 1/2" black felt
2" snap clip
2 5mm wiggly eyes
circle template (download here)
toothpick (I have no idea why I got two pictured!)
mini bow making kit (learn how to make it here)
hot glue gun (not pictured)
lighter or fray check (not pictured)

Step 2: Cutting Out the Body:

Fold the felt in half, pin the circle template to the felt, and cut. You'll end up with two circle-shaped pieces.

Step 3: Inserting the Clip:

Fold one of the felt circles in half lengthwise and make a small cut near the top of the felt. Slip the hair clip into the cut you just made, center(ish) it, and then snap it closed.

Step 4: Attaching the Legs and Body:

In this next step your going to glue the 2" korker ribbons to make the spider's legs. If you don't know how to make korker ribbons, check out this easy tutorial - it's the one I used! Now hot glue 4 ribbons on each side just like (or kinda like) the picture. Then hot glue the second circle on top - line the pieces up, and press down firmly until the glue sets.

Step 5: Gluing the Eyes:

I used a toothpick to grab a bead of glue off the tip of the glue gun and attached the wiggly eyes - that way I didn't ruin my project!

Step 6: Making a Mini-bow:

After you've got the eyes on, use your mini bow kit to make the spider a girl spider! I learned how to make a mini bow by using this super neat tutorial! Love it! Glue the mini bow wherever you like on the spider.

Step 7: Finished!

All done!

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