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It is customer service week at my job and to kick off the week we had "Rock Star" day.  I loveee customer service week, its pretty  much made for me and most of the guys around here know this.  But I was do I dress like a Rock Star?  So, I did what any good techie would do.  I went to google and looked for Female Rock Stars.  I got some ideas and then I came here for some help on how to do it, and found nothing.  So I searched the ibles for the parts of the costume, made some alterations as needed, and had my outfit.  It came out so good it will double as this years Halloween costume. 

Pink hair clip or hair dye
Black "Sexy" top
Black Leggins
Trash Bag ( I used the shredder size from Staples)
Duct Tape ( I used the pink zebra style)
Safety Pin, Velcro, or some other thing to hold the waist band together
Optional: Pink Eye Makeup. ( I found out when I got home what I bought was not for the eyes so I didn't get to use this.)
Accessories such as a guitar, keyboard, microphone etc.  I used my guitar hero guitar.

Step 1: Make the Skirt

I used the ible found here for instructions and an idea on how to make the skirt.  I made the following modifications:

I used shredder size garbage bags and put them long ways.
I used the same three pieces of duct tape for the waist band but I made only two rows gathered plastic bags so it wasn't too poofy.
I then folded the top of the duct tape down instead of using a new piece on top.

Once I had the skirt together I wrapped it around my waist and decided it was too long for what I wanted ( a mini skirt for a Rock Star not a long poodle skirt look) so I took the scissor and hemmed it shorter. 

I wanted to be able to take the skirt on and off so I can reuse it for Halloween so instead of using a piece of duct tape to close it I used a diaper pin I had left from the baby shower.

Step 2: Get Dressed

I got dressed in the sexy black top and the black leggins then I put the skirt on.  I wore black boots and my normal jewelry to complete the outfit.

Step 3: Hair

I added the pink hair extensions to one side of my hair and flipped a few strands over for affect and to cover the clips.

Step 4: Add Accessories

I tried to find a blow up guitar around the house to no luck, so my hubby suggested and I accepted the guitar hero guitar.

This ible has instructions on how to make a microphone with PVC pipe.
Guitar out of KNex

Step 5: Rock On

I took my getup and headed to work.  Everyone loved it saying how I looked cute, adorable, and reminded them of Cindy Laufer.  At the end of the night, the Rock Star Contest winner was announced...and guess who won?

Yup... Me :)

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