Introduction: Fermented Watermelon Rind Pickles

It's a nice snack for a summery day :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Rind from watermelon

Sea salt Water

Garlic Dill

Chili / Jalapeno pepper ( If you like spicy )

Cucumber ( optional )


Step 2: Preparation

Scrape the pink flesh from the watermelon rind, now you should probably eat it, it good, its a water melon after all

Peel the rigid green skin from the watermelon rind (to be honest, I didn't knew I was supposed to do it, and it steel turned out to be OK even nicer presentation ,but the green skin is not edible.

Cut the watermelon rind into 1-inch squares or straps as you prefer.

If you like you can add cucumber so you have both regular and Watermelon rind pickles, the only step is to wash the cucumber before placing it in the jar.

Peel and slice the garlic also wash it before placing it in the jar

If you want it to be spicy wash and cut the jalapenos, make sure not to cut then wash.. the seed contains a lot of the spiciness .

Step 3: Make It Pickled

Now arrange everything in the jar, Place the dill on top and fill the jar with water keep these proportion when filling the jar: one tea spoon of salt for one cup of water.

Don't fill the water all the way up. leave some room at the top.

Cover the space left with create a better isolation so fresh air wont get it and close it as tight as you can

Let it rest at room temperature for about 4-5 days until it changes its color

Step 4: Enjoy

Once it changes color it good to go.

But after you open up the jar you should keep it in the refrigerator.

Bon appetit :)

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