Introduction: Ferris Wheel Lift, a Knex Ball Machine Lift

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Here are the instructions for the first new lift used in my knex ball machine Elysium.

The Ferris Wheel Lift is quite a big lift. It works good, and a gate was added so balls enter one by one.

It is able to carry multiple balls at once, the motor is strong enough for that.

If you're going to build this lift, please read every image note, they are very useful!

When you encounter a problem or have a question, you can always send me a message.

Thanks for watching / building!


Step 1: Piece Count

If you want you can count the pieces before you start building.

Here is a list with all pieces included in this lift, named by their original colour:


Green: 80

White: 91

Blue: 384

Yellow: 178

Red: 166

Grey: 71

*Black: 1

Total rods: 971


Dark-grey: 73

Light-grey: 4

Orange: 71

Red: 24

Green: 24

Yellow: 238

White: 27

Purple: 176

Blue: 18

Total connectors: 655


Blue spacer: 67

Silver spacer: 94

Tan clip: 11

Blue clip: 16

Y-clip: 9

Blue hinge: 3

Black hinge: 3

**Small blue gear: 6

Big yellow gear: 3

Small hub: 16

Small tire: 16

Medium hub: 1

Medium tire: 1

Motor: 1

Total other: 247

Grand Total: 1873

*It's recommended to use a black rod for the axle, a grey rod might bend too much.

**In the 6th step, the axle, there are 4 small brown-gold gears. This is not their original colour, but they are included in the piece count under 'small blue gear'. Further explanation can be found in the 6th step.

Step 2: Entrance

This is the entrance, here the balls wait to enter the lift.

Step 3: Gate

The gate keeps the balls on the entrance track, and lets them enter the lift one by one.

Step 4: Support Tower

This is a support tower. Yes, a support tower.

Step 5: Gears

This step covers the gears. They transfer the power from the motor to the axle.

Step 6: Axle

The axle is the center of the wheel. It is the most difficult part to build in this lift, so pay close attention to the pictures.

Step 7: Exit

Where the balls exit the arms.

Step 8: Arms

This are the arms, they carry the balls all the way up.

Step 9: Motor

Final step! Adding the motor.

Step 10: Finished!

You just finished the Ferris Wheel Lift!

Always slide the switch of the motor to the right.

Thanks for watching / building!