Introduction: (Ferro) Magnetic Landing Platform / Barge for Quadcopters / Drones / Rockets

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Welcome to my 'ible' #39.

Of Course I Still Love You!
Ehm... don't get me wrong, but this is my favorite name for SpaceX ASDS (Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship). This one and the other one (aka Just Read the Instructions), have been named by Elon Musk after two of the sentient, planet-sized Culture starships which first appear in Ian M. Banks' sci-fi novel "The Player of Games".

I decided to name mine "You Were Always On My Mind", as I've had this project in my head... for a while.

Anyway, the landing pad is a piece of squared polystyrene wrapped with duct tape.

In this way, it's water resistant and it can even float as a barge!!!

I also glued a sheet of ferromagnetic material, on top of the polystyrene square. It will work perfectly with the 4 permanent magnets attached to the landing gear of your quadcopter / drone (aka, no more bouncy landing).

I built this landing pad in 2 sizes: one for my *Rocket Drone and one for the mini version of it.

'ible' available here...

Step 1: Shopping List

4x Permanent magnets 2cmx1cmx2mm (that you should attach to the landing gear)

1x Ferromagnetic sheet 50cmx50cm (Landing Platform for large quadcopters)

1x Polystyrene (57cmx57cmx4cm) the one used for the packaging of kitchen furniture - Landing Platform for large quadcopters

1x 30cm Marine cord (4mm diameter)

1x Popsicle stick

Electrical tape (Yellow & Green)

Duct tape (I used 2 different colours)

UHU POR (foam friendly)



* If you attempt to land your quadcopter on water using my landing platform as a barge, please waterproof the controller/receiver, the motors and the battery.

Lipo batteries can be really dangerous if they are going to get wet without being previously waterproofed.

On YouTube you'll find a lot of tutorials that explain how to do that.

Step 2: Glueing the Ferro-magnetic Sheet Onto the Polystyrene

To to this task you need the UHU Por (foam friendly glue).

Place the ferro-magnetic sheet at the centre of the polystyrene square.

You can also add your favourite design at the centre of the metal sheet, to personalize it.

The next step is to attach the magnets

Step 3: Covering the Polystyrene Sheet Using Duct Tape

This task we'll protect the foam from the water, and also, after the use you can clean/dry the barge in seconds.

I've carefully overlapped every layer of ductape, covering all the surface of the platform.

I've also used white duct tape to add an extra layer that protect the edges.

Using yellow and green electrical tape, you can also tape the edges of the metal sheet to make more visible the landing pad.

Feel free to use the colours you prefer.

Step 4: Making a Handle to Transport the Landing Platform

Using 30cm marine cord and 1 popsicle stick, I made a handle.

I made 2 holes on one side of the platform and 2 under the platform, sliding in each hole half popsicle stick.

In this way, I can block the marine cord. Put 2 dabs of Uhu Por glue to cover the holes.

Step 5: Check My 'ible' to Build the Rocket Drone

Landing a Rocket Vertically without being a Billionaire...

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