Introduction: Fighting Mobs in Minecraft P.E!!!

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Mobs are powerful creatures on minecraft that try harm you. Don't you just want to kill them? Well here are the do's and don'ts of destroying them!!

Step 1: Skeletons

Skeletons are mobs that spawn in dark spaces or night.

Do: Use the bow and arrow against it. You can shoot further than it. Also, they burn during the day

Don't: Fight it up close. Then you will be in its shooting range.

Step 2: Zombies

Zombies spawn in dark spaces or night

Do: Use swords. You can inflict a lot of damage with them. You can also burn them during the day.

Don't: get surrounded by them. You can easily get destroyed by a group.

Step 3: Enderman

Im unsure where they spawn on P.E, but you can see them anywhere but the nether pretty much.

Do: Endermen get damaged by water, And kill them with bows and swords.

Don't: look into their eyes, because they become hostile. Also, they can teleport so beware.

Step 4: Silverfish

Silverfish spawn in extreme mountain biomes

Do: burn them with flint and steel or bows and arrows.

Dont: actually make contact with them, as they can go into blocks and if you hit one, the surrounding ones will emerge from the blocks.

Step 5: Creepers

Creepers spawn at night or in dark spaces

Do: use bows and arrows. Keep your distance from it

Don't: Make contact or get too close, because it will blow up. If it starts 'hissing', RUN!!!

Step 6: Spiders

Spiders spawn at night or in dark spaces.

Do: Use now and arrows. Spiders jump at you to attack and travel surprisingly fast, so keep your distance

Don't: Let them get higher ground as they will jump on your, and keep in mind they can climb.

Step 7: Zombie Pigmen

Zombie Pigmen spawn in groups when you create the nether portal.

Do: Use bows and arrows or swords, as they are very strong so use a powerful weapon

Don't: set them on fire, as they are immune to it.

Step 8: Slimes

Slimes spawn on flat ground, unknown lighting.

Do: get them in water, as they cant swim

Don't: Get surrounded, but remember slimes multiply when you kill them, and the smallest version doesn't deal any damage, but will try hurt you anyway :)

Step 9: Wolves

I'm not saying this for how to kill wolves, but saying to bring one as wolves attack and offer protection when you tame one. Read how to care for one in my instrutable 'Wolf Care Minecraft P.E' ;)

Step 10: Thanks

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