Introduction: Finns Grass Sword

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So have you ever wanted to swing around finns grass sword? Well if you did then I can deliver!

This thing whistles through the air, is light weight, and looks like its straight from the show!

this is the list of stuff you need!

1 piece light green construction paper

1 piece dark green construction paper

1 pencil

1 bottle elmer's glue (not glue sticks)

a ruler

a protractor

scissors, and a razor or exact-o (if you are a kid then do this with parental guidance)

Now that you have your ingredients it is time to make a sword that will be the best 3 bucks of your life!

(may be more then 3 bucks if you don't already have all of the materials)

Step 1: Making the Hilt of the Sword

first you will need a 11 1/2in. by 8in. piece of dark green paper (all paper is the same size) then cut out a 5 inch by 11 1/2 piece. Now grab your ruler and start folding the paper around the ruler until it is the same shape as the ruler. It should be a little over one inch and should look like the picture above. Glue it to so that it holds it's shape, we will complete the handle later.

Step 2: Making the Blade of the Sword

Get a light green piece of paper (same size as the last one) and use the same method you used to fold it last time. place the protractor on it side (like in the picture above) and cut along from the 30° mark to the 90° mark. Do not glue together yet.

Step 3: Putting the Whole Thing Together

Get the left over dark green paper from before and cut out 1 inch wide strips of the paper, Use the glue on one side of the strip then wrap that side of the strip around it. Make sure that you don't wrap it all the way around and leave some of the paper sticking out from the top side like a hand guard would. Cut out triangles at the tips of the hand guards. Now to place the blade on the hilt, unfold the blade and glue the inside of the blade, proceed to wrap it around the 1 to 2 inches that are open on the hilt and back into its shape. Glue the seam and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: YOUR DONE!!!!!!!

well not yet you still have to draw all the details, and cut a triangle in the bottom, but besides that you are done!!!

(it should look like the pictures above)the tip of your sword still having the hole is good so don't glue that shut because that is what makes it whistle.

if your sword start to flop put a folded piece of paper or cardboard and it will straighten. Now that you have the sword you can display it, play with it, use it in a costume etc.

any way have fun!!

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