Introduction: Fire Lantern

About: 25 years, industrial product designer from Belgium

we are Simon, Kristof and flavie

for school we made a construction with fire.

the final concept is a lantern that sprays fire.

Step 1: Cut Basic Parts

  • cut all the pieces from a 12mm MDF panel.
  • cut with bandsaw or circular saw (where you are the most familiar with)

(see dimensions on technical drawing)

Step 2: Glue Parts

  • glue the basic form
  • Use wood glue and clamps

1st part underside

  • 1st piece: 6 holes
  • 2nd piece: Cutouts
  • 3rd piece: cutouts

2nd part upside

  • 1st piece: 1hole
  • 2nd piece: 1 hole
  • 3rd piece; 6 holes

check fitting of support feets.

Step 3: Making the Globe

  • cut all the pieces ( see dimensions in document)
  • glue ( wood glue) lower circle with four support pieces ( kwarter cirkel)

--> glue lower part to basic shape 2

  • glue upper 2 parts ( into each other)

Step 4: Assembly Upper Part

Cut cane to length and attach (with screws) to circle.

  • make joint in upper cane on both sides ( with bandsew) drill a holl
  • take 2nd cane ( cut to length), screw to upper cane.

glue upper sphere to this cirkel ( sides).

Step 5: Make Transmission

  • screw wheels to lower circle ( depends on type of wheels which screws are to be used,)
  • put opper assembly in place.
  • put screw through hole ( for fix place).

Step 6: Place Everything Together

put 6 bolts between basic 1 and 2 ( M10 with butterfly nut)

put support feets in place ( never glue this parts)

Step 7: Support Steps

cut pieces ( 3X each piece)

  • glue parts ( see assembly )
  • test system

Step 8: Make Baskets

  • cut rectangle
  • make incisions (from corner to 5cm of middle)
  • fold baskets to middle
  • put metal cirkel on top
  • cut of extra material
  • attach to top cane

Step 9: Make Operating System

  • cut pieces (2x basic + small part)
  • make holes in basic part

glue parts ( wood glue)

  • put cane in
  • attach to top
  • secure inner tube (inside cane to outside cane, with a 90degre twist in)

Step 10: Finish + Test

  • test system with steel wire
  • put on fire and turn system on