Fire Lantern




Introduction: Fire Lantern

About: 25 years, industrial product designer from Belgium

we are Simon, Kristof and flavie

for school we made a construction with fire.

the final concept is a lantern that sprays fire.

Step 1: Cut Basic Parts

  • cut all the pieces from a 12mm MDF panel.
  • cut with bandsaw or circular saw (where you are the most familiar with)

(see dimensions on technical drawing)

Step 2: Glue Parts

  • glue the basic form
  • Use wood glue and clamps

1st part underside

  • 1st piece: 6 holes
  • 2nd piece: Cutouts
  • 3rd piece: cutouts

2nd part upside

  • 1st piece: 1hole
  • 2nd piece: 1 hole
  • 3rd piece; 6 holes

check fitting of support feets.

Step 3: Making the Globe

  • cut all the pieces ( see dimensions in document)
  • glue ( wood glue) lower circle with four support pieces ( kwarter cirkel)

--> glue lower part to basic shape 2

  • glue upper 2 parts ( into each other)

Step 4: Assembly Upper Part

Cut cane to length and attach (with screws) to circle.

  • make joint in upper cane on both sides ( with bandsew) drill a holl
  • take 2nd cane ( cut to length), screw to upper cane.

glue upper sphere to this cirkel ( sides).

Step 5: Make Transmission

  • screw wheels to lower circle ( depends on type of wheels which screws are to be used,)
  • put opper assembly in place.
  • put screw through hole ( for fix place).

Step 6: Place Everything Together

put 6 bolts between basic 1 and 2 ( M10 with butterfly nut)

put support feets in place ( never glue this parts)

Step 7: Support Steps

cut pieces ( 3X each piece)

  • glue parts ( see assembly )
  • test system

Step 8: Make Baskets

  • cut rectangle
  • make incisions (from corner to 5cm of middle)
  • fold baskets to middle
  • put metal cirkel on top
  • cut of extra material
  • attach to top cane

Step 9: Make Operating System

  • cut pieces (2x basic + small part)
  • make holes in basic part

glue parts ( wood glue)

  • put cane in
  • attach to top
  • secure inner tube (inside cane to outside cane, with a 90degre twist in)

Step 10: Finish + Test

  • test system with steel wire
  • put on fire and turn system on

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    7 years ago

    What do you use as fuel? Where does the fire go?


    Reply 7 years ago

    there is steel wool inserted into the baskets on top and is set on fire,
    because of the turning of the machine, fire gets oxygen and warmt so that it keeps burning and discharge sparks

    in the video in the last stap you can see how we put it on .


    7 years ago

    Not trying to sound dumb, but what is the point of your device? In other words why would anyone need this?


    Reply 7 years ago

    it's a school project we had to create an instructable ( part off the assignment),

    it's for street animation/ art ..... and the school assignment was interactive fire construction.