Introduction: Key-fishbowl

About: 25 years, industrial product designer from Belgium

small key bowl to make with children:

( fun way to use the hamma bead creations of our children into something useful and nice in your decor)



- hamma beads ( iron, beads , baking paper, ...)

- clay ( some water, template cirkel shape , ...)

- blue paint ( sponge, brushes, water... )

Step 1: Fish in Beads

1) make the fish in beads ( or other sea animals or creations you invent)

- make the beads

- iron the beads

- take out the fish and iron other side in-between baking paper

Step 2: Making the Base of the Bowl

2 ) take the clay and make sure its well kneaded before using,

- roll out dough (about 1 cm thick)

- make sure the fish fit in the template and press the fishes in clay.

- put template on and cut sides off

Step 3: Make the Bowl

3) make the raised edges

- roll out the clay and cut strokes 2 cm high

- make edges wet and put them around the base

- press the edges and glue the edges with some water

- with water and your finger, rub the edges that connect each other

- let everything dry for 24 u

Step 4: Painting the Bowl

4) paint the inside of the bowl with blue

- use a spong so it looks more like water

- do the sides with the brush

- let everything dry

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