Introduction: Recycle Addiction

About: 25 years, industrial product designer from Belgium

this design was made during the studies fashion,

assignment is recycling design (no restrictions)

the addiction and pollution of the lungs is carried on the outside from cigarettes, visible addiction and effect,

(the packages are collected not only from personal use)

the obtained forms can be used for different purposes than just in clothing, wall decoration, trofee of conquering addiction ...

Step 1: Necessities

- glue gun ( + glue sticks)

- scissor

- tape

- sticks ( for construction)

- LOTS of cigarettes packaging

Step 2: Making the Components

1) take out loose cardboard piece and the paperwork ( metal paper can be saved for later),

2) fold on the side

3) cut off the extra piece that is bend over,

Step 3: Construction

4) tape the open gape

5) make a lot of them

6) start constructing the cirkels

7) with sticks you can make the construction stronger

( I preferred the colour side up because off the effect it made in total but with side is possible)

Step 4: Construction and Finaal

8) start glueing all the pieces together like you prefer,

in the move is from the Academie that with time-laps shows the making of the work.

(with the silver papers in the packaging I made the dress under the construction for total outfit)

now you have your end result