Introduction: Fireflies !!

In this project, I will teach you how to make an Arduino fireflies decoration to decorate your house in some simple ways. This is available for all age and parents can make it together with their children.


These are the materials for you to make this project

1. I started with the Arduino Leonardo

2. any Arduino compatible micro-controller will do. Yellow LEDs, 5mm. You can use up to 6 of them. Resistors.

3. You will need one resistor per LED to limit the current. I used 470-ohm but anything above 150 ohms should be fine to protect your micro-controller.Breadboard.Jumper wire.

4. wire to connect side to side on the breadboard


Step 1: These Are the Steps That You Will Have to Follow

1. prepare all the materials that you will be going to make

2. plug in the LED light from roll 10 to 20 at the downside of the breadboard

3. add on the line to the right side of the LED light and connect it to the negative charge

4. add on the resistor to the left side of the wire and make sure it's stable

5. connect the wire to D3 D4 D6 D9 and D10

6. connect another wire to GND and insert with a negative charge

7. plugin your USB and connect it with your computer

8. all set and ready to go!