Introduction: Continuous Fish Tank Vacuum Filter

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This is my first Instructable so any suggestions are welcomed.
I got a fish tank from a neighbor that needed to be cleaned. I knew that the tank vac works but I did not think that i could get it clean enough before I ran out of water in the tank.
I came up with this.

This is what you need.

1. A pond pump. 100 gph
2. plastic tubeing
3. Fishtank vac
4. Plastic bucket
5. 1l and 2l plastic bottles
6. binder clips
7. Filter media (quilt batting)

Step 1: The Setup

The first thing you need to do is cut the bottom off the 2L bottle and cut a section out of the 1L bottle put it under the 2L for a spacer.  Set them in the bucket and use one of the clips to hold it to the side. Then put the batting in the 2L bottle.

Step 2: Running the Lines

Put the pump into the bucket with the hose attached to it and run the hose to the tank, clip it to the tank so it does not fall out. Run the discharge hose for the tank vac into the 2L bottle with the filter in it. Use the tank vac and clean the tank. When there is enough water in the bucket start the pump to run the water back into the tank. Keep cleaning until the tank is clean.

Step 3: The Nasties at the End.

When you are done you have all the junk in the bottle filter. Toss the filter and put a new one in next time you clean.