Introduction: Fishing Hook | SelfCAD

Create a fishing hook in the program SelfCAD

Step 1: 3D Sketch

We will start creating Hook with the 3D Sketch tool

Step 2: Spline Sketch

Draw a hook using a Spline Sketch. Set Smoothness 5.

Step 3: Circle Sketch

Remove the selection from the hook. Choose Circle Sketch with number of edges 32. After that, in Dropdown Precision Settings put a check mark for Snap To Grid Vertices.

Step 4: Circle

Draw a small circle as a slide

Step 5: Follow Path

Select a circle with the hook and use Follow Path. Notice: that first you should select an Profile and then the path by which the form will be created.

Step 6: Set Values for Follow Path

1. Press on Preview button to see changes in your workspace.

2. Set Taper-95.

3. End path 100.

4. Confirm Settings.

Step 7: Fill Polygons

Select your finished hook and apply Fill Polygons

Step 8: Delete Profiles

Select all profiles and delete them

Step 9: Rotate

Turn the hook vertically using the Rotate.

Step 10: 3D Sketch

Choose 3D Skethc to continue creating the hook

Step 11: 3D Sketch Value

Choose 2 Points Arc with snap to Grid Vertices and draw a shape like on a slide

Step 12: Line Sketch

Use Line Sketch and finish drawing

Step 13: Revolve

Select a profile and use Revolve. Press Revolve Around Edge.

Step 14: Revolve

Confirm the action

Step 15: Rotate

Rotate the shape 90 degrees using Rotate

Step 16: Scale - 1

Select a Scale and set the value as on a slide

Step 17: Scale - 2

Repeat the scale and set the value as on the slide

Step 18: Сreate a Profile

Turn on Edge mode, activate Loop selection in Settings.
Select the edges as in the third step and use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C

Step 19: Сopy Profile

Select profile

1 - use Copy offsets

2 - set values Size and Position

3 - indicate the number of copies

4 - press copy

Step 20: Scale Top Profile

Select a profile as on a slide and use Scale

Step 21: Loft - 1

Select all profiles and use Loft

Step 22: Loft - 2

Set the value as on a slide

Step 23: Alignment Objects

Use Move to arrange objects as on a slide

Step 24: Create Torus

Select 3D Shapes and create Torus

Step 25: Rotate Torus

Use Rotate to rotate the torus.

Step 26: Scale Torus

Select torus

Use Scale and set the value

Step 27: Move the Torus to Other Objects

Use Move and align torus with other objects

Step 28: Union

Select all objects

use Stitch & Scoop and select option Union

Step 29: Decorate Hook

Use material to decorate the Hook

Step 30: Finish

Ready model

Step 31: