Introduction: Fishtail Bracelet #2

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
3 colors of bands (for this tutorial)
C or s clip (does NOT matter)
2 pens

Step 2: Pens

Now get your 2 pens and the first color.

Step 3: Figure 8

You will always start the fishtail bracelet off with a figure 8 like the picture above shows.

Step 4: Second Band

Now simply layer the PINK band (the figure 8) with a clear one. (Do not make it a figure 8!!!!!!)

Step 5: 3rd Band

Now you should have 2 bands. If not, go back to step 4. Put a third band over the 2 bands.

Step 6: Pulling It Over

Now pull the pink band or whatever your bottom color is OVER the tops of your pens one at a time.

Step 7: Putting a New Color On

Now you might be wondering, what color next?? Just look at the color in the middle so we will be putting a pink on.

Step 8: Keep the Process

Now whenever you have 3 bands, make sure to pull the bottom one over and keep going......

Step 9: Progress

After maybe 6 miniatures mine started to look like this.

Step 10: S or C Clip

Now you will simply connect the s or c clip to the top then the bottom.

Step 11: Final Product

Step 12:

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