Introduction: Fitting Bits Into Tool Chest (router, Flat and Forstner Bit Holders)

About: Artist and maker.

In this video I begin to fit bits for various hand and machine tools into a tool chest.  This includes forstner bits, router bits, flat bits and various blades for hack, coping and piercing saws.  The final draw will be used for engineering measuring tools as I collect them.  The chest was bought second hand and delivered by a dodgy private courier company which managed to crush the lid.  After I repaired it I went about creating new storage solutions which would allow me to get rid of all the boxes.  To maximise the use of space, I used four magnets which were given to me by a photographer friend, who would use them to hang images until they got dirtied.  Their diameter was 20mm and they were 2mm deep and hot glue was enough to keep them fixed to the back of the flat bit holder which fitted onto the inner lid.