Introduction: Five Golden Rings (LED Rings)

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Five diamond rings? No budget for diamonds rings? No problem! Make yourself a more shimmering and blink LED ring instead!


5mm or 10mm LED

Coin cell battery (we used CR2032)

2 stripped wires (preferably one red, one black)

Golden pipe cleaner

Insulation tape

Step 1: Preparing the Base of the Ring

Start off by strip a small length across both ends of the wires using a wire stripper or with a pair of scissors if you do not a wire stripper.

Next, twist the one end of the wires around the legs of the LED

(a) Red around the cathode (longer leg)
(b) Black around the anode (shorter leg)

Now secure the wires using the insulation tape and trim off any excess.
Optional: If you have heat-shrink tubing, that works too!

Step 2: Making the Ring

Coil the wires to form a ring shape, ensuring that the free ends of both wires are either at the side or bottom of the ring. This helps to with attaching the battery in the next step

Step 3: Light

Connect the coin cell to the wires (make sure the polarities are correct!) and secure with scotch tape. Your ring should light up.

Step 4: Sparkle

Coil a piece of a gold pipe cleaner around the ring so that it becomes a golden ring, this also makes it more comfortable to wear and provide a little spacing between the wires and your finger. Enjoy your sparkling ring!