Introduction: Fixing Samsung Galaxy Tab Broken Cable Charger

    i create this fixing guideline because i've been confuse when my cable charger was broken and i cant find any instruction on search engine about fixing this stuff.
    Cable for Samsung Galaxy Tab is similar with my actually gadget, Galaxy note 10.1 [GT-N8000].

OK .... lets start it

Step 1: What You Need

1. broken cable it self
2. cutter
3. tweezers
4. solder set

last touch misc [i use]
1. tape
2. ethyl cyanoacrylate [liquid glue]
3. tissue or fabric

Step 2: Cut the Vessel

Step 3: Connect the Unconnected

    watch carefully for unconnect cable ...

    find it and soldering this on to this rite place :)
    in my stuff ... the rite place is the tin point are not have any wire go to front ... only tin spot ... look my sketch for info side by side cable

use only hot tip soldering tools for open the wire ... [ 1st i use razor and unlucky to cut them off .. lol ]

    check this 1st before you assemble all opened pieces together

i have two charger and both was end with this same problem ... unconnect green wire
is this some of samsung failed charger product?

Step 4: Test That

    before plug in cable charger to your device ... look on your battery percentation ... remember it ... plug your charger in and wait till view minutes. if everything correct, the battery percentation would rise.

MAKE SURE its truly fixed !!!

    if after more than three minutes and battery percentation doesnt goes up ... re check your work and find something not connected well .... and fix it

    to make sure everything was back to normal ... let this repaired cable make your device fully charge.


ok ... lets do final step

Step 5: Finishing Touch

    until all have done and runing normal ... do this step to make our repaired cable tough enough for our daily use

    after all part was assembled .... use your tape to covered all this stuff surface to avoid of glue damaging important parts if one time you need to repairing again.

    basicly ... depend on what material you want to use to covering this stuff
[ e.g epoxy, resin, palstic, putty, product package, etc ]

    i choose ethyl cyanoacrylate and combine it with cut off fabric .... put lill bit glue to stick fabric before we can covering this area .... until it covered by fabric .... drop liquid glue on it .... only to make fabric wet and stick to charger

    do it layer by layeruntil you feel enough .... and let it dry and being hard

    and all done

thanx for looking

and perhaps this is usefull for you :)