Led Headlamp With Reuse Cellphone Battery for More Longest Power




Introduction: Led Headlamp With Reuse Cellphone Battery for More Longest Power

i bougth a cheap led headlamp from market.
originally, its use two coin battery. and then i think i need spare for this type of battery... so i buy a pack of it.

and what i reallise here ... that two battery only consume for about 2-3 hour nonstop work, while usually i work with it over nite long.
not until a week, ive drowned my stock for this light.

and worthless to buy another pack for only that so short times.

then i search my unuse cellphone battery, i drop it to my box because this battery was fat :D but atlease it more powerfull than two coin battery before.

this headlamp use 2 x 3 volt = 6 volt ... make sure we use cellphone battery with mostly near that volts if can get the same volt. or its gonna burn ^_^

Step 1: Prepare Tools

1. small electronic cables (better with different colour)
2. solder + tin + oil
3. headlamp it self
4. unuse broken cellphone battery
5. scissor
6. electric tape
7. screwdriver (if needed)

open headlamp body and remove two coin battery from it.

then we will see metal parts using for plus minus power.
usualy, the minus part was covered with coin battery body. and the plus part on side of it.

tining two cable to its parts. the lighter colour for plus part and darkes for minus one.

after that ... making a way out for that cables before we close it back.

Step 2: Preparing Cellphone Battery

we only using this cell part, not all part of it.

open the sticker covered battery body.
usually the oryginal made it from some aloy thing, so find the side 1st.
and then, open plastic part. beware to mark the plus minus parts. dont ever touch it together, can blown the battery.

battery cell was only covered with tin color.... we dont need that chip, plastic part, cables, or even that yellow connector. throw its off.
but dont put off the white plate connector .. we gonna use it.

find rigth place to placing this battery before cut and tining cables to battery connector.
make sure we dont cut tined cable too short.

after we connecting cables and battery, cover it with electric tape for safety.

done... :)

Step 3: Recharge Battery

i use battery only desktop charger to recharge it.
costumize this charger with cables and clip.

thus type of charger need about 2-3 hour for fullycharge this battery.

after we have full battery .... we can use our headlamp mostly for 4-5 days before it need to recharge.

long enought, rite? :)

thanx for looking

hope this idea usefull for you

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you have room in your battery box, leave the protection circuit in place, and solder to the battery terminals. It will help keep you from overly-discharging the battery during extended use.

    Charge as frequently as possible for best results.

    Was there a current limiting resistor in the headlamp circuitry already? Bare leds exposed to raw Li batteries tend to go "pop". even high powered leds like Cree can be overpowered by the surge amperage supplied by a lithium chemistry cell.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    sorry for my very late reply :(

    i use same voltage battery with the original, so i think im not gonna break any of this "system". And iam not expose all of this part to see what inside, i just think no need to do that because of same voltage i use.

    thanx for the info .. i would noted that