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Yesterday I found in a dusty box full of floppy disks that I knew I would never use ...
An idea quickly came to my mind: create a small notebook!

So I'm going to present you today a way to renovate your old useless floppy disks! :)

DISCLAMER: I am aware that this idea has already been exploited by others, and I absolutely do not claim to be the first to have had this idea, my goal being to show you my point of view of this creation.

Enjoy :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Normally you should have everything we need for this little project in your home.

You will ABSOLUTELY need:

- a brain

- a cutter,scissorsor any tool sharpenough to cut the plastic of the floppy disk and paper

- floppy disks (of course)

- chain links (you can pick links on another notepad, that's what I do) (if you don't have chain links, you can make your own by soldering some wires for example)

- paper(you can pick pre-knotted paper on another notepad, that's what I do)


- a paper punch (if you make your own paper)

Step 2: Choose and Cut the Paper

Nice ! Now you will have to choose the paper that will be in the notebook !

You can now :

1) take premade paper (from another notebook) and fit it if necessary (that's what I do) (FIRST IMAGE)

2) design your own paper from a blank page: you have to fit it with correct dimensions of the floppy disk (SECOND IMAGE)

Personally for my notebook I put 35 sheets. You can obviously put a lot more.
But I recommend you not to put too much paper (of course you can do as you wish!)

Step 3: Cut the Floppy Disk

The boring part.

Cut some holes (the length and shape you want) (depending on the shape of your chain links) on the top of the 2 floppy disks. Plastic is generally very fragile, you will need to be patient.

Step 4: Assemble the Parts

We are done soon !

Take the first floppy disk, and insert your chain links in it. Then take your sheets of paper, and insert them into the chain links. Finally, take the last floppy disk and insert it to close the notebook.

Bend the chain links enough so that the sheets of paper do not escape !

Step 5: Enjoy !

It's already over! Use your notebook as you want, and of course you can redo it with floppy disks of different colors! Have fun !

If you run out of sheets of paper, you can unbend the chain links to add more sheets of paper!

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have some questions !!!

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