Introduction: Floppy Disk Secret Compartment

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Need to hide a password or phrase that nobody should know?

Perfect ! I found the solution for you. If you have some floppy disks, this tutorial is made for you !! :)

Enjoy !


Step 1: Materials and Tools

Normally you should have everything we need for this little project in your home.

You will ABSOLUTELY need:

- a brain

- a floppy disk (of course)

- a compass

- scissors

- a sheet of paper

- glue stick (liquid of preference)


- wood glue (to glue the disassembled floppy disk but if you don't have NO WORRIES)

Step 2: Disassemble the Floppy Disk

Disassemble the floppy disk, taking care of the small parts (like the small metal part (see the photo)):

You can do it with a small blade You will surely break some plastic supports inside the floppy disk, but no problem, we will re-glue everything afterwards.

Step 3: Cut a Piece of Paper

You will need to cut a circle out of paper (with your compass) respecting the same dimensions of the magnetic disk (see photo)

You can make 2 pieces of paper like on the photo, to have secrets on both sides of the floppy disk.

In short, do exactly the same as in the photo.

Step 4: Glue the Secret Part

Glue your sheet of paper on the front part of the magnetic disk (see the second image)

You can make 2 pieces of paper like on the photo, to have secrets on both sides of the floppy disk.

How do I know which is the front part?

SEE THE PICTURE ! or It's simple: look at the metal part: the back part is where the metal does not protrude (touch with your finger if you cannot see)

Step 5: Reassembly

While following the photos and the GIF, reassemble the floppy disk WITHOUT FORGETTING THE LITTLE METAL PART AT THE RIGHT TOP! (see the metal part circled in blue on the photo)

Don't forget to glue where you broke the plastic supports !(see parts circled inred on the photo)

Finally, put the metal plate back in place.

Step 6: Enjoy !

It's already over! To change the word or hide it, you can turn the round metal part on the back of your floppy disk. (in the 2nd photo)

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have some questions !!!

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