Introduction: Flower ID

Many times a color visual is much faster as identification than reading
words. I crocheted about 30 of these easy little flowers in as many colors to put over the hangars of our choir robes. With the flower in place, it doesn't matter what order the robes are in, all you have to do is look for your flower. If you leave the yarn ends loose, you can tie the flowers around the handles of identical bags to distinguish one from another. Once you've made one or two, they take about 5 minutes each to crochet.


4 yards worsted yarn

H crochet hook

large eyed needle


Abbreviations: ch- chain sl st- slip stitch dc- double crochet tr- triple crochet sc- single crochet

Step 1: Flower ID

Ch 6

Step 2:

sl st into first ch to make circle

Step 3: Flower ID

Ch 1

Step 4: Flower ID

In circle,* dc, tr, dc, sc.

Step 5: Flower ID

Repeat from * four times more. Sl st in circle. End off leaving a 4" tail

Step 6: Flower ID

With a threaded needle, hide the end around the center stitches.

Step 7: Flower ID

Thread center of flower over a hangar. Another way to use them is leave the yarn ends free and tie the flowers around the straps of same colored bags you want to keep separated. You'll probably think of lots more uses for these quick and easy flowers.

Step 8:

Step 9: Flower ID

Step 10:

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