Introduction: Microwave Tortilla/Bread Warmer

Do you have trouble with your tortillas or bread drying out when warming
them on a plate in the microwave? This quick and easy warmer keeps the moisture in your bread where it belongs. It's a great beginner's sewing project.

Step 1: Microwave Tortilla/Bread Warmer

Take 2 inexpensive dish or wash cloths.

Step 2: Microwave Tortilla/Bread Warmer

On one edge of each dish cloth, sew a wide zigzag stitch in a contrasting
color. This will help you find the opening when you use your warmer.

Step 3: Microwave Tortilla/Bread Warmer

Place the dish cloths on top of each other,
matching the zigzag edges. If there are tags, make sure the tags are on the inside or cut them off. Pin together the 3 non-zigzag sides

Step 4: Microwave Tortilla/Bread Warmer

Sew around the 3 non-zigzagged sides. Since the edges are finished, you
don't need to turn the seams to the inside.

Now you have a great way to have warm and moist tortillas for your next meal.