Introduction: Flute

Today waste is a major concern as it occupy space and most important harms nature and us and the greatest thing with theses is to reuse and recycle but beneath these one more option is available that is upcycling these to a great art and even in useful things so in this instructable I am going to provide you such a great opportunity to upcycle PVC pipes. We will be making a flute from these.


Materials to be required :-
1) PVC pipe
2) wood piece
3) colourful sheets or paint

Tools to be required :-
1) hacksaw
2) drill

Step 1: Dimentions

Holes of flute plays very important role and their position can affect notes. I had provided you some measurements of this project. The best thing about our design that it doesn't restricts you to a particular length of flute you can stretch you long as you want means you can vary it's length according to need because the measurement is in percentage. are from 0 to100 . 0 is taken from slit ending to 100 at end of pipe. The formula to calculate the distance between hole and slit is

X=length of pipe × percentage of hole/100

Where x is the distance of hole from slit.

Step 2: Built

I guess you had calculated dimensions as per length of your flute and now its time to built it, So first of all cut a piece of pipe in "c" as shown in picture to cover and make air path close. Now make a slit after cutting your pipe to your desirable length as shown in picture and also cut a piece of wood but remember the length of wood piece should not exceed the length of slit. Now slide the wooden piece inside the pipe making a close fit through the side of slit. Drill holes in pipe after calculating parameters according to your length of flute. Now if you want to decorate it then do and if you want it raw then just slide "c" section of pipe to the slit and it's ready to blow minds.

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