Introduction: Flying Rain Guard Fortnite (Chapter 2: Season 3 )

As every Fortnite lover has seen in the trailers of chapter 2 of the third season, you can customize your rainkeeper, yes, that's right!
Let's teach you how to make one, which I particularly called the air clog guard! Remember you can customize yours, but use what we will teach as the basis for your ideas, AND DON'T FORGET............................... ...leave your "vote" to reach the semifinal of the contest.

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I used pipes, a faucet (recycling guys!) and a common plunger (the smallest).

And for the umbrella frame I used cardboard and gouache ink.

I also used pipe fittings.

Step 1: Forming the Structure.

Start by picking up the pipes and joining them together, until it is in the desired format, my I chose to "model" it in the form of a 'u', as you can see in the image (use a to understand how progress works).
Fit the tap on the end, this end will be where you will hold our umbrella.

Step 2: Finishing the Structure.

After you fit everything in the order you want, just leave a piece of the pipe up without covering it, that's where we'll fit the plunger.

Step 3: Starting the Flaps.

Now yes... the flaps (uhull), I love the impression that they are propellers, since the intention of them and fly, correct?
Ok, let's get to the point (really), I used cardboard (wow! recycling again!) and painted it with gouache grey ink, to look like iron,

In this part you're the boss, you can paint with whatever colour you want, and make any kind of flap, it's your choice.

And stick all the flaps on a little piece of pipe, which should fit the structure and the plunger.

Step 4: Ending........Finally

Now all you have to do is fit the flaps into the structure, and fit the plunger,
Enjoy and watch the trailer of Chapter 2 of the third season of Fortnite on the official Fortnite channel. Please... don't forget to vote for my project!

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