Introduction: Fold Down Desk With Storage for Tiny Spaces

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When creating a tiny home one of the most important things is gonna be the use of space, obviously. But while i don't have a tiny home (but it is a dream to make one) I do have a small home and the space still needs to be used wisely . This desk and storage unit was made for my oldest son to put in his bedroom that he share with his brother so he could do his home work then fold the table away then have access to his toys and more important open the space so both of them can play. This desk was also a part of the #rocklerplywoodchallenge where you had to create something from just one sheet of plywood.

Step 1: Basic Construction

I'm not gonna go in to in detail about the dimension as it would be best to size it to the area you intend to install it.

the basic construction is like a shelf unit it has two vertical sides, several horizontal shelf's and also a panel that folds down on hinges to become the desk. each panel has a thin strip of plywood layed on top this was for two reasons one to give it the looks of some sort of cargo shipping box and also to reinforce the panels. i used 10mm ply wood but if i was to do it again i would use 12mm for a bit more strength.

Step 2: Working Out the Height of the Shelf's

I placed the boxes that I was gonna have on the shelf's plus a piece to use as a spacer. with these in place I could work out where the shelf would go I also glued a small strip of wood on the side panel where the shelf's will attach. this was to give a bit more strength for when the shelf's are and side panels are screwed together

Step 3: Led Lights

Before the desk was assembled i used a table saw to cut a grove where i could run the cables for the LED lights. LED strip lights was hot glued on to the underside of each shelf. there isnt any on of switch for the light the power supply just plug straight in to a outlet on the wall.

Step 4: The Desk

On the out side of the desk which will be the under side of the desk when its folded down. I used a magnetic paint. then the panel was finished with a thin strip of plywood that is glued and pin nailed on like the rest of the construction. the hardware was attached, hinges to allow the desk to fold down. magnetic stop blocks to hold the desk up when not in use and straps to support the desk when in the lowered position.

Step 5: Assembly

As I said before the desk is assembled with just screws (I let my son do some of the work here) the desk is then hang on the wall using a french cleat system.

Step 6: Finish

I was happy with the way it came out so was my son. he stole all my maker stickers that i turned into magnets to put on the front but I will change a few things when i get time. i will change the strap with some better hardware to support the desk when in the lowered position. the desk is bigger than it needs to be so i will cut it a bit shorter and then have a extra shelf above it this should also make the desk more sturdy. and finally add some switches for the light. check out the video because to get a better understanding on how this was made and thanks for Looking

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