Introduction: Fondant Poinsettia

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Simple steps for a fondant poinsettia using calyx cutters

Step 1: You Will Need ...

  • Modelling fondant (or alternative)
  • Small, medium and large calyx cutters
  • Red food colour paste (not required if you have red modelling paste)
  • Green food colour paste (not required if you have green modelling paste)
  • Gold or silver food colour paste, you can use white if you cant get gold or silver
  • Rolling pin
  • Ball tool with large ball
  • Forming cup
  • Cornflour for rolling out
  • Small star shape or daisy shaped cutter
  • Some silver edible ball decorations (optional)
  • Water or edible glue and
  • a brush

Step 2: Roll Out Fondant

Roll out green fondant and cut two using largest cutter

Roll out red fondant and cute two medium and two small

Always cover your fondant to stop it hardening

Step 3: ​Add Green Shapes to Forming Cup

Add one shape to the forming cup.

Next, add a dab of water or edible glue to the centre, then add the second shape with its points in the space left by the bottom layer.

Step 4: ​Add Red Shapes to Forming Cup

Using the same process as before, add the two medium sized shapes on top of the green - remembering each time to rotate the top shape slightly so it fills the gap between petals of the layer below.

Again, the same process with the smallest red shapes

Step 5: Cut Out Star and Fix

Cut out your white star, or colour your fondant with the gold and cut out.

Or, using your green fondant, add a little yellow fondant to make the green a different shade, cut out a little green fondant using your daisy cutter

Before you add it to your flower, with your large ball tool, gently press all the layers together. A dab of water or glue, then add the star

Last but not least, use a small amount of modelling paste, roll into a small ball, add a drop of water or glue to centre then drop the small balls into centre of your flower

Step 6: Allow to Dry

Allow to dry

Spray with edible gold or silver lustre and add to your cupcake, or Christmas cake

Step 7: My Next Project (Updated

I'm planning on try out some festive tree cupcake toppers

Update since original post:

I have now completed the Instructables for the festive fondant tree cupcake toppers: