Introduction: Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan

I was looking for a hilarious couple costume. My husband came up with forrest Gump and lieutenant Dan. The costume was so easy to put together.

For Lieutenet Dan I found the green army looking pants and Hawaiian shirt at goodwill. I was lucky to find the wheelchair at work in a random storage closet. Instead of sitting on my legs, like a lot of other people on the internet I rested my legs on the metal structure under the seat of the wheelchair. I put a little bit of black fabric on the front of the chair to create an illusion of no legs, but this really wasn't needed. I am naturally a blonde, so I used brown color hairspray and sprayed all of my hair. I used a eyeliner pencil to create the mustache and beard and fill in my eyebrows. I used a little dark eyeshawdow under my eyes to create dark circles under my eyes. I didn't want to sit in the wheelchair the whole night so I decided to paint a silver stripe down some black leggings so when I stood up I called them my "'magic legs, made of litanium alloy". For the pants I just cut a hole behind the knee and stuck my legs through and then tied the rest of the pant leg in front of my knees. Everyone thought it was hilarious. For Forrest Gump my husband wore his khaki pants he had and purchased a blue shirt sleeve plaid shirt and a ping pong paddle. I printed the Bubba Gump logo on transfer paper and ironed on the logo onto a red hat. To get into full character my husband talked like Forrest Gump the whole night and I made sexual advances to all the girls at the party, drank out of a paper bag and had a cigar in my mouth. So fun!!

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