Introduction: Fortune Teller

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Hello this is the second thing i am making this thing I will tell how to make and play

Step 1: Things We Need

We need all things in pic 1
And then we are going to start

Step 2: Making the Base

To start we need a hard surface the pick up your rectangle paper and put it on the surface then fold it to a triangle like pic 1 you will get a rectangle cut that rectangle with scissors carefully

Step 3: Making the Base Part 2

Open the part that was not cut open the part and fold the square and open it like pic 1 then you will see 4 Squares fold each like pic 2 the turn it over then fold the 4 corners like pic 3 then turn it over you will find 4 squares fold them once so you could get your fingers in

Step 4: How to Put Your Fingers In

Then how to put your fingers in put your fingers in the squares I am just showing what will it be I will hold it in the proper way at the end see pic 1

Step 5: Coloring

Now we have to color first make your fortune teller like pic 1
Then pick up your color box and pick 4 colors and color them in each square and you can also draw shapes like hearts,stars etc

Step 6: Writing Your Words

Now flip your fortune teller then write numbers in like pic 1 the write words inside like yes,maybe,never,no way etc inside


We need 2 players like A &B A holds and says I will answer all your questions then B asks a Question like Will I pass in the exams so A says fortune teller fortune teller what color you want then B says blue so A says fortune teller fortune teller color Blue he gets number options like that are visible like 1,2,5,6 so B selects 1 in one it's written Yes so he Will
Pass in the exam tell

Step 8: Thanks for Seeing

Thanks if need help just ask me please follow thanks

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