Introduction: Paint a Fox Pumpkin

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i an going to show you how to make a fox pumpkin

Phoebe age 9


you will need:

orange paint, pumpkin, white paint, black paint, construction paper=black and pink, brushes and craft glue.

Step 1: Paint the Bottom

paint the bottom of your pumpkin white then let dry

Step 2: Paint Top

paint the top of your pumpkin orange, if it is not already. Or if you want add another coat that is what i am doing.

Step 3: Paint Tail/ Stem

the stem is going to be the tail you will paint the tip white and the bottom orange. The opposite of the body!

Step 4: Paws Nose and Face

turn your pumpkin over and paint the four paws and then paint a dot for the nose and some googly eyes or paint some. i am painting some, it is your choice

Step 5: Ears

make the ears out of your construction paper and glue them on

now you are done thanks for doing this project!

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