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Introduction: Frankenstein Halloween Card - DIY Crafts

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In this project you'll see how to make a beautiful halloween card.

This tutorial it's step by step instructions, so it's very easy to underastand it.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Step 2: Gather Your Suplies.

For this card you need the following items:

  1. white cardboard (21cm x 14cm)
  2. green cardboard (10cm x 13cm)
  3. black cardboard (10cm x 13cm)
  4. black cardboard (10cm x 7cm)
  5. two white circles, two black and two green half circles(these are for the Frankenstein eyes)
  6. one green circle for the nose
  7. scissors
  8. double adhesive tape
  9. markers

Step 3: Take the White Cardboard and Fold It in Half.

Take the white cardboard and fold it in half.

Step 4: Stick the Green Cardboard on the White One.

Use double adhesive tape.

Step 5: Paint the Hair on the Black Cardboard.

Paint the hair on the black cardboard (10cm x 7cm)

Step 6: Cut the Hair Shape!

Cut the hair shape!

Step 7: Stick the Hair on the Green Cardboard.

Stick the hair on the green cardboard.

Step 8: Stick the Eyes!

If you want , you can outline them with a marker.

Step 9: Put the Eyes on the Green Cardboard!

Put the eyes on the green cardboard!

Step 10: Stick the Nose.

Stick the nose.

Step 11: Make the Mouth.

Make the mouth.

Step 12: Stick the Black Cardboard Inside the Card.

Stick the black cardboard (10cm x 13cm) inside the card.

Step 13: Write Your Message!

Most important step!

Step 14: More Project Videos!

Well now you know how to make a Halloween Card .

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5 years ago

Im makeing this

Giulia Art
Giulia Art

Reply 5 years ago

You can post here a photo with it after:)


5 years ago

Cute :)

Giulia Art
Giulia Art

Reply 5 years ago

thanks a lot :)