Introduction: Freddy Krueger and Making Of

First take basic measures (length, width, neck, shoulders etc) did patterns on paper and then cut the fabric.

Then cost the greenbelts to sew them (eye, join a side piece of alante back and leave one side without binding so that they stick the strips i match them the more possible with sides besides that will be more easier than sewing fringes first on one side and after another)

Step 1: Freddy Krueger AND MAKING OF

The sleeves are easy to sew, only have to take the measure of his arm: the wide and long also sew them the same greenbelts.

Ready, glove buy it at a costume shop and the hat thing I found in my house
Now the makeup do not take many photos of the process but soon I will to make video tutorial but you can see here as I did.


Paramount apply a bald cap (I have that make a tutorial for that xD although it is very easy).

Then apply a coat of latex as a base, then apply toilet paper with latex in the line of the brow and nose to change your facial proportions and then put another layer of latex that would be to form sores, to speed up the drying use a blower on air cold never use it hot. 

And paint sore by sore leaving those spaces in skin color and apply FX blood in them.
Materials used:

1 yard red gabardine
1 yard of dark green fabric
It can claw or acquire or make it I decided to buy it because I thought it was great xD
A hat
A bald cap
A good amount of latex
Toilet paper
Red makeup liquid Mehron
Skin color base
Blood FX
Lenses of white contact (optional)
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