Introduction: Freddy Krueger Claw

1 brown workmens glove (if not brown you can spray paint)

3 sheets of craft foam

1 8x11 sheet of plywood

8 gold fasteners

Carvey (or access to wood shop tools)

Hot glue

Silver spray paint

Black spray paint

Step 1: Spray Paint Your Glove Brown If It Is Not Brown to Begin With

Step 2: Cut Out the Shapes From the Craft Foam

Step 3: Use the Carvey or Wood Shop Tools to Cut Out 7 1/2 Inch Knives From Your 11x8 Piece of Plywood. You Are Going to Need at Least 4 Knives You Might Want to Cut Out More Incase One Breaks.

Step 4: Glue the Shapes You Cut Out of Craft Foam Onto the Glove to Pretty Much Make It Look Like a Hand.

Step 5: Cut Out 2 Inch by 3 Cm Cut Out of the Bottom of the Knives on the Non Pointy End on All 4 of the Knives

Step 6: Glue the 4 Knives on All the Fingers Except for the Thumb Make Sure That the End of the Cut You Make Is Aligned With the End of the Finger Tip on the Glove.

Step 7: Cut the Heads Off of the Fasteners You Will Need 8 of the Heads Off of the Fasteners

Step 8: Glue the Fasteners Onto the Shapes Cut Out of Craft Foam.

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