Free Hanging Glass Rack




Introduction: Free Hanging Glass Rack

In an ever expanding quest to transmogrify, modify, customize, or hack everything in my daily life, I decided that my tiny apartment required a bar built into a bookshelf.

I chose to fabricate the racks from scratch because they would be
1) Be cheaper (free)
2) Have the correct dimensions (10.5" deep for an 11" deep shelf)
3) And have that obvious Instructable feel.

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need:

1 x Wire Coat Hanger (Per Rack; I used dry cleaner's hangers)
2 x Pairs of Pliers
1 x Drill
1 x 1/4" Drill Bit
& About 2 Hours

Step 2: Wire Contortionist

Most of this is self explanatory and varies on your desired dimensions, style, etc.

All bends are 90 Degrees unless otherwise provided.

Main Rack
1) Straighten the hanger leaving the hook at the end. (Pic 1)
2) Bend 3" from non-hook end. (Pic 2)
3) Bend 2" from last bend along the same plane. (Pic 2)
4) Bend 1/2" from last bend along the PERPENDICULAR plane. (Pic 3)
5) 10.5" from last bend, bend 1", 1/2", 1" to make the square tail. (Pic 3)
6) Repeat steps 1-4 in reverse order to make the rack symmetrical. (Pic 3)
7) Bend the excess with the hook until it breaks off. (Pics 3, 4)

Support Piece
1) Take the remainder w/hook, (Pic 4)
2) Curl the end into a tight circle. (Pic 5)

Step 3: Joining Main Rack & Support

1) Slide the support wire's loop onto the main rack
2) Slide the support wire to the rear notch
3) Tighten (Pics 1, 2)
4) Remove excess hook. (pics 3, 4)

Step 4: Mounting Rack

This step is highly dependent on your mounting location.
In the event of a top shelf, it's easy; in other more unique mounting locations, you may need to mount the racks onto a thin board and then, in turn, fasten the board to your mounting location.

1) Measure the spacing and location of your hangers.
2) Mark drill spots. (Pic 1)
3) Drill holes. (Pic 1)
4) Insert rear support rod & bend to secure. (Pic 1)
5) Repeat for all rear rods (Pic 2) & then all forward rods.

Now you have hanging glass racks.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    You are a genius.  I looked for inexpensive holders everywhere and finally bought some on sale.  I wish I had waited, but now I can expand if I need to.  Great instructable, thank you.


    13 years ago on Introduction

    I think I'll be putting one of these together some day. I always make sure to buy wire hangers for this very reason, they can be MacGyver'd into just about anything.