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Introduction: Schwag Jacket Reclamation

Many heavily branded companies produce millions of dollars in schwag every year in the hope that unsuspecting giftees will become walking billboards.

This NFL Superbowl embroidered jacket was special-ordered from VF Imagewear, Inc. The underlying jacket retails between $133 and $165 as its Force APX Jacket.

Having no love for organized sports, so a simple mod makes this wearable.

Unfortunately, embroidery is difficult and time consuming to remove. When you do, the underlying material has been substantially weakened by the original embroidery, so you will not be able to have it re-embroidered.

You will need:
1 schwag jacket/gym bag/t-shirt/sweatshirt, etc
1 Iron-on
1 Iron
5 minutes

Step 1: Apply Patch

Position patch.

Secure with cellephane tape. This is less likely to melt than other tapes and will hold the patch in place.

Cover with cloth (here, I used a cloth napkin).

Step 2: Apply Heat

Use an iron on the highest heat setting.
The dry setting will melt the adhesive to the fabric of the jacket.
A steam setting will help remove the patch, should you change your mind.

Step 3: Optional Sewing

Using a thread color similar to the patch's boarder, sew a reinforcing stitch around the patch to better secure it to the jacket.

This jacket is water resistant, so the microfiber doesn't absorb the adhesive as readily.
The stitch will help make it last.

Step 4: Wear Your De-branded Jacket

The camera flash picked up the green nylon in the patch. In person, its much closer in color to the jacket's fleece lining.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Not entirely original, but this is 'original' in the form of an Instructable.

    Grats on getting featured, and I give this a 5 star rating just for the caption tagged onto your key fob in the last photo !!!!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Out of my three Instructables so far, I'm surprised that this is the one that got any recognition.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work. Not earth-shattering of course, but clever and useful!