Introduction: Free Instructions on Making a Green Felt Leaf Brooch With Buttons and Pearls Decorated

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This is an easy DIY craft for adults and ever for kids to try! If you are interest in this green felt leaf brooch with buttons and pearls decorated, then do it now!

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Green Felt Leaf Brooch With Buttons and Pearls Decorated:

10mm Colorful Acrylic Buttons

6mm White Glass Pearl Beads

Brass Brooch Findings

Green Felt Paper


Green Cotton Thread



Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Step 2: Make Preparations for the Leaf Shaped Brooch

1st, tailor 2 pieces of green leaf shaped felt paper as shown in the picture;

2nd, cut 3 colorful flowers (the colors are up to you, here I chose the color orange, yellow and blue);

3rd, cut several pieces of small leaves as shown;

4th, thread the green cotton thread through the needle, then stitch branches on the small green leaves one by one;

5th, stick colorful button on the flowers one by one.

Step 3: Decorate the Leaf Shaped Brooch

1st, stick the 3 colorful flowers on the center of the leaf brooch;

2nd, stick the small leaves on the brooch respectively;

3rd, thread white cotton thread through a needle, then sew the 6mm white pearl beads onto the green felt leaf separately;

4th, place the other piece of the green leaf felt paper under the one that has colorful patterns, then sew them together and leave some space for cotton as shown.

Step 4: Finish the Green Felt Leaf Brooch

1st, fill the leaf brooch with cottons and finally sew the whole part together;

2nd, attach a brooch finding base clip to the back of the leaf pattern and finish the brooch.

Step 5: Tada! This Charming Green Felt Paper Leaf Brooch With Buttons and Pearls Decorated Is Finished!

Are you attracted by this fantastic green felt leaf brooch design? It is especially suitable to wear it since it is spring season now! Will you try this easy brooch DIY instead of buying an expensive brooch from stores? I guess yes! Have a nice try then!