Introduction: Fremen Stillsuit From Dune

Since primary school I was fascinated with Dune saga by Frank Herbert. I read all 6 books and few wrote by his son. I absolutely love the complexity of the science, politics and religion in Dune and every time i read it I always discover something new.

I was always fascinated by the native tribes living on desert planet of Arrikis - Fremens. They learnt to survive on desert by wearing so called stillsuits that were able to recover up to 90% of the water from human body. This instructable is about making my version of that suit. At the end of this instructable I will add link to few props I designed to complete the Fremen costume.


Step 1: Spraying Jumpsuit

First step is to spray your jumpsuit with fabric paint of your choice to create random patterns. It is really up to you how many colors and what colors you wish to use. I liked green shades on my Fremen stillsuit so I bough gray/dark jumpsuit and I paint it with light green paint.

After you finish you you have to leave your jumpsuit for at least 24 hours allowing paint to dry properly before you carry on working on it.

NOTE: If you wish to save money on jumpsuit you can buy fabric and try to sew it yourself.

Step 2: 3D Printing Necessary Parts

First print 'Fremen distribution node' and that part will be mounted on left/right (depends on your preference) side of the chest. This part has 15 x 6mm diameter holes for the pipes which you will add to the costume later on.

Then you have to print something between 20 to 30 'Fremen pipe' parts. You will sew them randomly around your jumpsuit and they will be used to hold end of 6mm pipes in place.

For 3D printing I would recommend to use PLA and printing temperature 2015 Celsius, bed temperature 50 Celsius, layer resolution 0.2mm, printing speed 50-60 mm/s and infill 20%. As the slicing software I used free Cura which is available to download here.

Step 3: Sewing 3D Printed Parts

Now use needle and black thread to sew the 3D printed parts onto your jumpsuit. The parts have small holes which allows you to put the needle through easily. This step is quite time consuming so I would recommend to sew about 20 pipe holders.

Once in place use 6mm black hose pipe and connect the 3D printed parts together (see picture above). The pipes should fit perfectly, but I recommend to add small amount of super glue to make sure they will stay in place. Please remember to connect some pipes to 'Fremen distribution node' to as according book it was some king of device that filtered water from entire body.

NOTE: To make sure the pipes are sticking to the jumpsuit you can use black cable ties. Just make two small holes on each side of the pipe and use cable tie to attach it to the fabric. I would recommend to do it every 10-15cm.

Step 4: Sewing Parts From Motorcycle Armor

Now you have to strip apart the motorcycles armor and use the plastic parts on your costume. It's really up to you how many parts from the armor you wish to attache to the costume. As you will see later I added quite few.

Usually the plastic parts have a lot of small holes so sewing them onto the jumpsuit is fairly easy although very time consuming.

Step 5: Shoes, Gloves, Mask

Now you can either sue high boots or as i mentioned in the 'supplies' section you can buy and rework raiders trend gaiters. All you have to do is glue few of the 'Fremen pipe' holders and connect them with 6mm black pipe (I used 6 on each).

Similarly with the mask, sew one of the Fremen pipe parts on each side so you will be able to connect mask with rest of your costume with 6mm pipes.

As for gloves you don't have to do anything. You will need them as the idea of Fremen stillsuit was to cover as much human body as possible in order to loose minimum amount of water.

Step 6: Cape an Belt

Last part of your costume is cape and belt. For that you can use brown fabric and cut the semi triangle shape cape (one the picture you see the shape of one half of the cape).

For the belt you will need a strip of fabric, about 10-20 cm (4'' to 8'') wide and about 1 - 1.5 meter long.

Step 7: Optional Props

If you have time you can make couple of props which I designed for 3D printing.

Thumper - device used to summon giant desert warm which Fremens used for transport

Makers Hooks - a tool used by Fremens to climb on Shai-Hulud and to control him

Crysknife - a ceremonial weapon made from Shai-hulud tooth

Two of the props you can find on my Thingiverse profile and the other one is attached as I'm still working on this one.

In addition you can use bright blue contact lenses to complete your costume. Fremens had glowing blue eyes which was a side effect of consuming spice only available on Arrakis.

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