Introduction: Fried Egg Acrylic Pins

I love eggs. They're dirt cheap, versatile, and super easy to cook. Both my belly and I are extremely thankful that these gems exist, and I'm sure there are countless people who would wholeheartedly agree. And so, as a gesture of gratitude towards Mother Nature for giving us the gift of eggs, I decided to make some inspired laser cut acrylic pins. Now you can show off your love of eggs everywhere you go!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

Laser cutter

Yellow 1/8" acrylic

White 1/8" acrylic

Blank metal pins and pin backs (I bought mine from Amazon)

Two-part epoxy glue (I used Gorilla brand 5 min. epoxy)

Step 2: Download the Design File

My laser cutter takes .ai files, so I used Adobe Illustrator to make my design. For my laser cutter, lines with 0.001 pt stroke width and RGB color with R=255, G=0, B=0 will be cut out as vector cuts. If your laser cutter uses different settings, make the appropriate changes if needed. I've provided my Illustrator files, but you might have to make some changes to make the fit work with your laser cutter.

There's two parts to the pin, the acrylic yellow circle for the egg yolk and the surrounding acrylic white blob for the egg white. I sized the egg white hole and the egg yolk circle just right so that they press fit together without needing any glue. For me, the sizing that worked was a hole in the egg white that was 0.3" in diameter and an egg yolk that was 0.32" in diameter. Depending on your laser cutter, your optimal sizing might be different than mine, so you should do a few test cuts to determine which hole sizes work the best. Just try out different egg yolk diameters (0.31", 0.32", 0.33", etc.) and try to press-fit them into a 0.3" hole in a piece of acrylic.

Step 3: Laser Cut

I used a Universal Systems laser cutter to cut out the pieces. Cut the file named "egg" out of white acrylic and cut "egg" out of yellow acrylic.

Step 4: Press Fit the Pieces Together

Once you cut the white and yellow pieces, you can press-fit them together. The yellow circles, or egg yolks, should go into the holes in the egg whites to complete the egg. It should be a tight fit so that the yolks don't fall out of the egg whites at all. I didn't push the yolk in all the way -- only enough so that the yolk is sticking out of the egg white about 1 millimeter (since real egg yolks stick out too!). If you want, you could also just press the yolk in all the way so that it's flush with the egg white.

Step 5: Glue the Pins Onto the Eggs

Next, it's time to use the two-part epoxy to glue the pin backings to the eggs. Squeeze out equal amounts of the two epoxy components, then mix them together thoroughly so that the glue has a uniform color. Then spread a small circle of glue on the blank pin, and place it on the back of the assembled acrylic egg. The pin backings I used were just a bit wider in diameter than the egg yolks, so I only spread a thin ring of glue around the rim of the yolk and place my pin backing on top. Let it sit upside down for 24 hours until it's completely dry.

Then you're done! Now go wear your eggs on your sleeve with pride.

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