Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

This friendship bracelet is very simple to make and will take under an hour. This project is suitable for all ages and is much easier than knitting or crocheting.

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. 4 strands of friendship bracelet string
2. Tape
3. Scissors

Step 2: Cutting and Measuring

First, take all of your string and cut 4 pieces all the same length. I recommend measuring from your hand to your shoulder, which will be about 30 inches.
Then, cut them with your scissors all at the same length

Step 3: Setting Up the Bracelet

Now, you have 4 equal stands of friendship bracelet string. Adjust them equally, then tie them all in a knot together.
Now since they are all connected by a knot, tape it to a flat surface. A table or water bottle is a good option.

Step 4: Starting the Bracelet

1. First, take your leftmost string and separate it to the side from the other 3, which should all be clumped together on the right.
2. You will make what looks like a visual of the number 4 with the strings. This bracelet is made by knots, so you must tuck the left string that is by itself behind the line of 3 strings and back through and over itself.
3. Pull this knot up until you reach the resistance point.
4. Repeat this step anywhere from 2 to 4 times with the same color strand.

Step 5: Continuing the Steps

1. Once you have your first section down, the rest is just repeating itself, but with the other colored strands.
2. Choose what color you would like to come next, and repeat the step before, remembering to knot this string around the 3 others.
3. Keep doing this step until you have reached all 4 colors.
4. Then, start over in the same color order as before.
5. You will keep doing this until your bracelet is around 4 inches long.

Step 6: Finishing the Bracelet

1. Create another overhand knot with the remaining string, the same way you started the bracelet.
2. After the knot, braid the excess string together, ending that with an overhand knot as well.
3. Cut off any excess string.
4. Once you are done, you can tie your bracelet onto whatever you’d like because it is finished!