Introduction: Friendship Bracelet

You will learn how to make a friendship bracelet with a twist in this tutorial. The following are the materials needed to complete this activity.


  1. Friendship thread (3)
  2. Scissors
  3. Ruler
  4. Tape

Step 1: Colors

Pick how many colors of your choice and cut off 44 inches off of each color.

Step 2: Fold

Fold the strings in half.

Step 3: Knot

Tie a knot with a loop at one of the ends then, if needed you can tape it down to a surface.

Step 4: First Color

Gather all the strings of your first color.

Step 5: "4"

Make a "4" by using your less dominant hand as a pillar. Then lay your color on top of the other strings.

Step 6: In Between

With the end of your first color fold it into the open triangle area and pull.

Step 7: Continue

Repeat steps 4-6 gradually turning your bracelet for the effect of the twist. Do this until your first color is about an inch long.

Step 8: Second Color

When ready to switch colors, gather all the strings for your second color. Put your first color with your third color (away from your second color) start steps 5-6 as you did the first time.

Step 9: Wrapping Up

Continue this process until it is the size of the desired area

Step 10: Finishing Knot

When done, tie a knot multiple times to stop from falling out.