Introduction: Fringe Leather Purse/Bag

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A very simple tutorial for a fringe leather bag. Perfect for beginners.

Step 1: What You Need

WATCH the full detailed tutorial ABOVE.


Faux leather




Measuring tape



Rotary Cutter

Cutting board

Sewing machine

Step 2: Pattern

Use measurements above to draw out your pattern on a large piece of paper.

Cut the pattern out.

Pin it to the leather.

Cut along the edge of the pattern and remove pins once done.

Step 3: Sewing Pouch

Fold your purse in half (leaving 1 inch before the diagonals) which will be your flap.

Pin along sides and sew along sides.

**Optional** take the stitching all the way around the perimeter of your triangle flap as well.

Step 4: Creating Fringe

Cut out 3 rectangles (same length as your purse)

The width of the rectangles depends on the length you'd like your fringe to be.

Take your rotary cutter and straight straight edge to cut fringe to desired width.

**Make sure to leave the top half inch uncut.**

Repeat process for all 3 rectangles.

Step 5: Sewing First Two Panels

Lay fringe out across purse and pin sides to purse.

Sew to each side of the purse (only the 1/2 inch you didn't cut through at the top of each panel of fringe)

Hand stitch the top of the fringe panels to the purse (remember just the front layer).

Step 6: Sewing Last Panel

The final panel is sewn on just below the fold of the flap.

Pin it in place and stitch along the entire length.

Step 7: Straps

Cut 4 long strips to your desired length and width.

Take two strips and pin them together (leather facing out).

Stitch right down the centre of the straps.

Repeat for other two pieces.

Sew both piece together.

Step 8: Attach Straps to Purse

Place straps along the backside of each side of the purse.

Stitch from opening down to start of first fringe panel.

Repeat on opposite side and cut excess off.

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