From Flip-flops to Sandals a One Minute Hack




Introduction: From Flip-flops to Sandals a One Minute Hack

This is a very short instructable, not one that takes hours as I often make but one that’s ready in a minute.

We live in an average climate of around 30° Celsius year around. What could be more comfortable than walking on flip flops in your free time? However, there is a small problem; I cannot drive a car with flip flops on. And driving with bare feet is in my case a disaster, especially with a clutch pedal that is very rough. So for driving, I change my flip flops into sandals with little or no cost.

Step 1: What You Need:

Two (preferably slightly stretchy, not too thin) cords of 1 meter each.
A pair flip flops

Step 2: How to Make Them:

Lay the cords in an U shape and pull both ends from the heel side under the straps of the Flip flops. Bring the ends back and pull under the cord from bottom to top, the photos show how. Now put on the flip flop and put the cord crosswise around your leg. First in front then cross back then back to front and bows.

You now have a flip flop that you cannot lose while driving. Repeat the procedure for the other flip flop and you can safely go for a ride.

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    Thank you, I regularly get the question where I bought them and have often explained how easy they are to make and although it seems obvious to me how you make them I decided to make it an instructable.