Introduction: From Trashes to Water Tank

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Hi everybody!!

In this Instructables I will show you how to convert trashes in a water tank.

I will use several examples to give you an idea of what can be done. Almost any old liquid or food container can be turn in a water tank, sometime with a little adaptation. So it's up to you to find and adapt what you will find.

I'm making this Instructable because of a previous one I made: Self Watering Seed Pods, the water tank can be use with these self watering seed pods and I hope it will help the ones who asked me about water tank.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
To clean the trash:

  • sponge
  • water
  • soap
  • old tooth brush

To prepare the trash:

  • a cutter
  • a tape (optional)

Last but not the least! To protect your hands:

  • a pair of gloves

Step 2: Collecting and Cleaning Your Trashes

Once you have find a good (future) water tank, in my case collected from my recycle bin, it's very important to clean them, do not use bleach.

During this step be very careful to sharp edges, like the one on the tin can.

  1. You can use an old tooth brush, a brush or a sponge to efficiently and safely clean
  2. For liquid container, rince them with hot water + soap several times.
  3. Rince with clear water

Step 3: A Trash That Need No Modifications

The easiest way to convert a trash in a water tank is to find one with the right size, in this example a glass jar.

Be careful to cover or paint a transparent container to avoid green algae cultivation!!

Step 4: Using a Tin Can

Tin can makes a good water tank but you might need to adapt something to hold your seed pot. In this case, I'm using a yogurt pot.

When turned upside down, be sure the yogurt pot is not falling inside the tin can.

  1. Remove the bottom of the yogurt pot using a cutter.
    Be sure to wear the good pair of gloves!!
    The hole you will make depends on the size of your seed pot.
  2. place your seed pot

If you have mosquitoes around, tape the yogurt pot to the tin can to prevent them to lay eggs inside the water tank.

Step 5: Using a Can

  1. Remove the top part of the can using a cutter
    Again, be sure to wear the good pair of gloves!!
  2. A can is quite fragile, you might need to reshape it, you can use the cutter handle
  3. Then fold the edge inside the can

Step 6: Milk Carton or Brick of Juice

This one is my favorite, really easy to do and it makes a big water tank.

  1. outline the shape the seed pods
  2. cut an X in the circle
    Again, be sure to wear the good pair of gloves!!
  3. fold the edges
  4. place your pot
  5. Tape the seed pod if needed (not done on the picture)

You can refill your tank using the screw cap :)

Step 7: Conclusion

I hope you found this Instructable useful, if you have any question let me know.

Happy water tanking recycling!!

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